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I’m Nicole, proud USMC wife, mom, knitter, and the maker behind All Things Knit.

I discovered knitting in my 20s and have been passionate about it ever since. Both my mom and my granny tried to teach me when I was younger, but could never make it click for me. I think being left handed, like a lot of things, forced me to figure out how to do it myself. So years later when I was at home with my son, I was determined to learn. After many frustrating starts and stops I finally taught myself to knit!! I was in love, and have had something (about 10 somethings!) on the needles ever since. 

Taking a ball of yarn and two sticks and turning it into something useful like a blanket, scarf or even a simple washcloth is one of the most satisfying things in the world! After that you move on, and knit a sweater, with sleeves and everything,  and you feel like you have a superpower!

All Things Knit was born out of my love of knitting & everything that goes along with it!  

I hope that you stick around for awhile and explore my little corner of the internet. In addition to my knitting, I share all the things I love; camping with my family, my dogs, my love of books, cooking, crafting of all kinds, and my newest obsession quilting. I’m sure you will discover something that inspires you!

Colorful Yarn

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