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Washcloth of the Month: November


As a reminder each month in 2022 I will be releasing a different washcloth pattern featuring fun design elements to try, as well as colors that represent the mood of the month. These projects check so many boxes:

  • Small & Portable

  • Super interesting! The pattern & colors will change each month

  • Easy way to learn or improve a skill on a small scale like lace or cables

  • Great palette cleanser between larger more complicated patterns or projects

  • Practical & versatile; at the end of the year, you will have 12 or more washcloths that can be used from the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between.

  • They make great gifts!

November Washcloth of the Month: Wheat

For November I choose to go with another simple stitch pattern that consists of mostly stockinette stitch with a simple textured stripe. This stripe which is made by decreasing on one row & then immediately increasing on the next creates the perfect amount of texture for a washcloth. This pattern is easy to remember & easy to see where you left off, making it perfect for this busy time of year.

The skills used to create the texture are:

K2tog- Knit the next 2 stitches together

KFB- Knit into the front and back loop of the next stitch

These are simple enough for an advanced beginner and a great way to practice these two stitches. These techniques are also enough to keep the seasoned knitter engaged without being super challenging.

For Wheat I choose the colors before picking the design. I felt like the muted yellow color Bamboo had a real autumn vibe & paired with the neutral Ecru, the set was very fall.

The samples are knit up in Lily Sugar & Cream 100% cotton in Bamboo & Ecru.

The Details

Needles US 8 (5mm) needles

Yarn Lily Sugar & Cream Cotton

Bamboo & Ecru 1 skein for each color, or 2 skeins of the same color will make 3 washcloths ~70 yards needed for one washcloth Finished Size 10" square

This pattern is available for free for newsletter subscribers. Sign up for my newsletter here. The easy to print, one page PDF can be purchased with the link below.

Happy Knitting!!!

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