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Embrace Nature's Beauty: A Collection of Knit Patterns


Welcome to the mesmerizing world of "Nature's Beauty Collection," where the magic of knitting and the enchanting wonders of nature collide. This captivating ensemble features six unique knit patterns, carefully designed to celebrate the natural world around us. Crafted with love using Lion Brand's Scarfie yarn, each piece has its own personality, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of earthy tones, vibrant sunrises, and soothing ocean hues. Whether you're a knitting enthusiast or a nature lover seeking warmth and style, this collection has something special for everyone. Let's explore the delightful pieces that comprise "Nature's Beauty Collection."

Each project is knit using one skein of Scarfie yarn by Lion Brand.

~312 yards/285 meters

78% acrylic/22% wool

Each skein has a unique colorway that slowly transforms from one color to another making for beautiful and interesting finished knits without having to overthink what colors play well together. Although each project was designed with a specific colorway in mind, the projects would be beautiful in any of the Scarfie colorways or even in a solid or heathered yarn, the choice is yours.

The Patterns:

1. Sandstorm Scarf:

Get lost in the captivating swirls of the Sandstorm Scarf, as the cream and taupe hues mirror the shifting desert sands. The simple garter stitches on a stockinette background creates a mesmerizing pattern, capturing the essence of a desert adventure. This scarf will add a touch of earthy elegance to your wardrobe while keeping you cozy during chilly days.

Sandstorm knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Cream/ Taupe Colorway

2. Stormy Skies Scarf:

Wrap yourself in the Stormy Skies Scarf and experience the drama of an approaching storm. The interplay of blues and greys in the Scarfie yarn mirrors the ever-changing sky before a tempest. As you knit, you'll find comfort in the thought of raindrops dancing on your scarf while staying warm in style. Features an easy to remember, reversable diagonal ribbing stitch.

Stormy Skies Knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Steel Blue/ Slate Colorway

3. Texas Sunrise Cowl

Greet the morning sun with the Texas Sunrise Cowl, adorned with delightful coral and cream hues. The cowl's softness and warmth will make you feel as cozy as a Texan sunrise. It's perfect for early morning strolls or sipping coffee on the porch as the world awakens. Knit in the round this cowl features an easy zigzag stitch, consisting of just knits & purls.

Texas Sunrise knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Coral/Cream colorway

4. Coastal Sunset

Experience the magic of a Coastal Sunset as you wear this versatile piece. With the option to transform it from a scarf to a cowl using buttons, you can adapt to changing temperatures and styles. The blend of teals and pinks in the Scarfie yarn will remind you of breathtaking sunsets by the ocean.

Coastal Sunset knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Seafoam/Clay colorway

5. Between the Raindrops Cowl

Find joy in the moments "Between the Raindrops" with this cheerful cowl in pink and yellow tones. Its charming pattern and vibrant colors evoke the feeling of stepping into the sunlight after a refreshing rain shower. Embrace the beauty of life's little moments with this delightful accessory. Knit in the round this cowl features columns of knit stitches on a reverse stockinette background.

Between the Raindrops knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Mustard/Ice Pink colorway

6. At Dusk

As the day comes to a close, wrap yourself in the warm embrace of the At Dusk Scarf. The rich brown hues complemented by delicate pinks reflect the beauty of dusk settling over the landscape. This scarf will be your go-to accessory for evening strolls and cozy nights. Pattern consists of just knits & purls in an offset ribbing pattern that creates a fabric that accordions, making it super cozy & warm. If you prefer you can block the piece to have a smoother fabric & let the pattern shine.

At Dusk knit in Scarfie by Lion Brand in the Mushroom/Blush colorway


"Nature's Beauty Collection" offers you an opportunity to celebrate the allure of the natural world through the art of knitting. Each piece in this collection tells a unique story, inspired by the colors and moods of nature. From the serene sands of a desert to the vibrant hues of a coastal sunset, these knit patterns will add a touch of elegance and comfort to your life. Choose your favorite piece or indulge in the entire collection, and immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of knitting and nature's beauty. Let your creativity and love for the outdoors shine as you embark on a knitting journey like no other.

Available as a collection or individual patterns as well as complete kits, get your favorite or knit them all so you have an accessory for any occasion!

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